Banking Training Centers

The bank always aspires to develop the skills of its employees, improves and prepares a competent manpower foster planning and leadership abilities in the various bank departments and its different functional levels. At the same time, the bank expands a great effort toward enhancing the work environment to increase productivity and proper utilization of the available human resource compatible with the expansion, the quality of the services and modern technological methods. To achieve these goals, the bank established two banking training centers in the Head Office, Benghazi and Tripoli main branch. The centers are equipped with technologically advanced instruments and equipments such as Data Show projection and audio and video appliances as well as a library containing books and periodicals regarding to the banking and finical field.

Courses, seminars and workshops are conducted by the centers:

Documentery Credit and Banking Operations
The cheque clearing system and Certified cheques
Bank Marketing
Cousre in Teller Operations
Swift system
Atomatic Teller Machines Technology
Banking systems
Mobile Banking and Online Bank
Management of Credit risk
Net Defense

In the framework of the efforts made by the bank management to develop the training, the bank cooperates with numerous foundations to conduct its courses:

The conducted a seminar in documentary credit and cash banking operations our bank was represented by the Credit Section Heads along with numerous delegates from brothering banks, This idea was met success due to the constructive cooperation between our bank and the Arab British Commercial Bank.
Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences The bank conducts a course in Documentary Credit in Collaboration with the academy and many employees have participated on it
Union of Arab Banks Due to the importance of bank marketing, the bank conducted a seminar dealing with Marketing of the banking services in cooperation with Union of Arab Banks.

The bank participates in many national and international conferences and seminars and plays active roles through adaptation of several proposals relating to banking business.