Businessmen Centers

Home/Businessmen Centers The Idea of separating the accounts of partnership, firms, public sector companies and enterprises in general such as touring and services agents, airlines, empassies, consulates and foreign companies all of which are legal persons; has been on our minds. In summary the idea is constituted of separation the enterprise accounts from individuals and saving account premises for businessmen to conduct their transactions. In this premise they may receive a variety of fact and smooth services related to their account without crowding or waiting to transform this idea into a reality the following steps were put into action

Two centers are equipped, decorated, furinched and prepared for conducting the following activities

Current accounts
Two cashier; deposit and withdrawals
National and International money transfer and currency exchange
Letters of credit and letters of guarantee processing

  • The centers were equipped with computers, printers, stationary, photocopiers, Internet connections and required numbers of competent staff, who will provide the fast differential services to business. The Bank of Commerce and Development through these centers will enable
    - Opening accounts in Libyan as well as foreign currencies for businesses with the most ease and expediency by competent staff .The staff were carefully trained for proper reception , fast processing all businesses through International information system
    - Accepting deposit (cash and check deposit) carrying all the transaction in a fast and accurate manner, presenting the supporting slip and documents to the customer
    - Conducting the local transfers in Libyan Diners with ease and discretion through the Swift
    - Our businessmen customers may open letters of credit speedily and precisely
    - Our customers may request to purchase various foreign currencies and international and national travelers cheques
    - Our customers may sell any foreign currency they have in their possession to obtain Libyan Diners or deposit it in their foreign accounts

Our customer will benefit from services and Public Relation Office in obtaining the banking and other complementary services

The annual reports of the bank
Pamphlet and fold outs illustrating the bank services
Copies of the directives and circulars which regulate the currency exchange, transfer and letters of credit
Copies of legislation such Tax law, banking law (5) relevant to foreign investment and its executive bylaws
Company registration, tax and immigration forms are required by the businessmen customers
Our customers may request copies of exchange rate list issued by the central bank
Using the telephone services

Requiring the bank services as Credit Cards, Touch Screen, Online Banking and Mobile Bank. Serving you is our main mission. we welcome you and want to stay with you always ,hoping that you remain with us