Drive in banking

CASHING CHEQUES WHILE YOU SIT IN YOUR CAR. The first of its kind in Libya introduced by our bank. This service is offered to our customers in general and to people with disabilities and females driving their cars in particular. The bank has introduced a specially equipped cashier in front of the Alforosia Agency. It is connected to the Agency’s computer network and to the Benghazi Main Branch. This cashier can be reached by driving your car through a paved road to an entry point and leaving by another. The driver can approach the cashier’s window, talk to the clerk and present his/her cheque to be cashed promptly.

He/she may also obtain a chequebook, a statement or make deposits in his/her account. This modern, new and remarkable service is offered to all our customers who maintain accounts with the Benghazi Main Branch or the Alforosia Agency.

They can use this fast service provided that priority is given to individuals with disabilities in deference to their physical condition, then to the rest of customers.

Customers do no need to look for a parking space or even leave the car or enter the building to wait for whatever service they need (cashing cheques, making deposits etc…). They may benefit from this facility for small amounts of cash only and not for large sums.

The bank invites individuals who are not our customers to quickly open current accounts with us, and enjoy this service and use it.
The BCD is always with you and wishes to have you with us.