POS service

POS Machines use
Two methods of use:
(The card has a chip and a magnetic field) Slide the card vertically (Magnetic field to the left). A message appears (Please use chip). Insert the card in the bottom of the machine horizontally, chip to top and front.
(The card has a magnetic field only) Slide the card vertically (Magnetic field to the left).
After step 1 is completed successfully, write the amount, then press the green button to communicate with the bank to get the response code of acceptance or rejection.
To reprint any transaction, press F4, then F1, then write the number of the receipt, and then press the green button to receive a receipt.
To transfer all POS machine transactions, press F4 then press (XMT), write your password (××××) then press the green button. Wait for a few seconds, the machine wlil communicate with the bank, a report will be printed, and (SAGB000 ACCEPTTED) wlil appear on the screen.
Notes: Confirm (00) is in the response code, do not accept otherwise. All transactions made by POS should be sent at the end of day. Keep all machine receipts for 18 months (From date of transaction). The bank has the right to view these receipts during this period.

POS Locations



1 Tebisti Hotel

Tebisti Hotel

2 TNT – Benghazi

Tebisti Hotel

3 DHL -Benghazi

Tebisti Hotel

4 Lufthanasa -Benghazi

Tebisiti Hotel

5 Al-Arabi Restaurant

Next to Aforosia Club

6 Transworld Travels

Next to El Jomhuria Hospital

7 Nizar Market

Infront of Medical Faculty

8 El-Fares shop

Infront of Ouzo School

9 Babel Tourism

Al fatah street.

10 Future Vision

Infront of Benghazi Medical Center

11 Mara for Travel and Tourism

Dubai Street

12 Teneney Travel and Tourism

El Kish Commercial Center

13 Almanar Hotel

Sosa city

14 Bright Focus Travel and Tourism

Omr Ibn Elaas Street

15 Boashrin sweet

El sabri

16 Adwaa Al madan for glasses

Omr Ibn Elaas Street

17 El Jahmi Optical center (1)

Omr Ibn Elaas Street

18 Al-Fadeel Hotel

Al-Fadeel Hotel -Jelyana

19 Alfoah for Parfum

Jamal Aldunaser street

20 Saati for Glasses

Jamal Aldunaser street

21 Altorath for Traditional wears

El hadaig City