Western union operates as a subsidiary of First Data which is a leading international company in money transfer services offers this service to its customers (individuals and companies) worldwide via specialized agents’ network. Transfer money service is considered as the most important for Western Union that enables people to transfer money to friends and family. With this, it became a precedent from 150 years ago in money transfercareer and expanded its efficient active services around the world along with customers’ needs.


  • History preface
    - 1851 : Established Rochester New York.
    - 1856 : Launched the first transcontinental telegraph.
    - 1871 : Western Union Money transfer services was introduced and became a company business.
    - 1914 : Western Union introduced the first consumer charge card.
    - 1933 : Launched singing telegrams.
    - 1935 : The first inter-city facsimile service is introduced.
    - 1974 : Western Union launched the first domestic communications satellite.
    - 1995 : Western Union became a branch of The First Data Company.
    - 1997 : Western Union opened the first international regional operating system IROC.
    - 2001 : Western Union celebrates its 150 year anniversary.
    - 2004 : Western Union Money Transfer services expanded to reach more than 200:000 agencies in more than 195 countries and territories around the world.
First Data International comprises the following regions:
  • Latin America & Canada (LAC)
  • Australia, New Zealand & South Asia (ANZSA)
  • Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA)
  • China & North Asia (CNA)

Western Union Immediate Money Transfer This service is the fast and easy method to pay for financial deposits to individuals This service is to transfer money from Western Union’s agent to a current account

  • Paying for loans.
  • Paying for credit cards.
  • Paying for different assurance documents including Health assurance.
  • Paying for services and goods.
Benefits and advantages:
  • Paying in local currency.
  • Notifying customers within minutes via internet.
  • Immediate money deposit in customer’s account
  • Senders have to pay for this service.

Western Union Immediate liquidity services This service provides to your company to transfer from a current account to cash money within minutes to individuals worldwide

  • Cash payment.
  • Immediate Cash payment.
  • Paying for salaries, earnings, commissions and expenses.
  • Paying for loans.
Benefits and advantages:
  • Accessing to receivers via more than 225.000 agencies worldwide
  • No needs for a bank account, but senders have to pay for this service.
  • Available systems decrease transfer commission and other expenses.

Distinguished services Transfer money to pay cash Western Union provides opportunity to customers who have bank accounts to send cash money and increases bond values and commercial documents through easy and fast cash payment facilities

  • Sending money to friends and family.
  • Immediate cash liquidity.
Benefits and advantages:
  • Sending instructions via internet to emails and telephones.
  • Immediate liability from debtors and creditors.
  • Immediate sending to cash money to agents.
  • Increasing customer services throughout banks and post offices.
  • Payment for different debts.

Western Union Distinguished services Send and receive money to pay cash immediately via worldwide agents