Two Hundred Fiflty Million Libyan Dinars


Two Hundred Fiflty Million Libyan Dinars


Bank of Commerce and Development was established in accordance with Statute number (1) 1993 and its amendments on banks, money and credit as follows:

1. The Secretary of the General People’s Committee for Planning and Finance Decree number (234) 1993. 2. The Secretary of the General Committee for Planning, Economy and Trade Decree number (529) 1994. 3. Commercial Registration number (9515) dated 09/11/1995. 4. The Bank opened officially for business on 09/06/1996. 5. Member of the Union of Arab Banks as of 01/05/1996. 6. Member of the Society of Libyan Banks as of 10/08/1996. 7. Member of the Union of Magreb Banks as of 30/05/1998.

Part one
Establishment of the Bank


Bank of Commerce & Development has been set up by decision of the Secretary of the Popular Committee for Planning and Finance No 243/1423 dated 29.11.1423.
The provisions of Law No 1 of 1993 and the decisions by the Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Libya issued in implementation thereof and these Articles of Association shall apply, the provisions of the Libyan Commercial Code and Law No 65/70 shall also apply in so far as are not inconsistent with these articles.


The objective of the Bank is to exercise all banking, financial and development financing operations including complementary related or otherwise normally required for banking, financial or development activities, particularly the following:
1-Acceptance of time deposits, opening of current accounts, contracting loans and granting other credit facilities for various periods.
2-Collection and payment of orders, bills and other documents of value.
3-Issue of bills, cheques, notes and other commercial papers as well as credit cards.
4-Discount, Rediscount and otherwise handle commercial papers of any kind whatsoever.
5-Issue of bank letters of guarantee of any kind whatsoever.
6-Opening confirmation and financing of documentary credits.
7-Financing of foreign trade through credit facilities to importers or the grant of advance financing to exporters.
8-Exercise the business of investment trustees and participate in financing productive projects after ascertaining their soundness.
9-Granting of short term facilities and loans to persons, cooperatives, collective companies as well as public or private service share companies.
10-Granting of mid-term and long loans for construction, industrial, touristic or agricultural investment after approval of the appropriate authority.
11-Offering counsels in the field of investments and project financing.
12-Undertake banking and financial operations with commercial banks in the Jamahirya consistent with Law No 1 of 1993 and the Libyan Commercial Code.
13-Acts to achieve the objectives of development by endeavoring to adopt agricultural projects and services with a view to reduce dependence on imports from abroad (production to substitute imports system) or increase exports (exports oriented production system) to save foreign currency needed for development purposes.
14-Create and make available savings and investment channels appropriate to the development by employing the proceeds of such channels in mid-term and long term investments to satisfy the aspirations of depositors and within the safety and profitability considerations of both depositors and the bank.
15-Train and enhance capabilities of national staff in the banking sector in conjunction with the appreciate authorities.


The head office of the bank and legal domicile shall be in Benghazi; it may however establish branches, agencies or offices within the Jamahirya by decisions of its Board of Directors after approval by the Central Bank of Libya.


The duration of the bank shall be ninety nine years renewable automatically for a further equal period or periods; the General Assenbly may however decide to liquidate it or merge it with another bank.


The authorized capital of the bank has been set up at nine millions Libyan Dinars divided into nine hundred thousands shares of ten dinars each shares re indivisible. The paid-up capital shall be four millions and five hundred thousand Libyan Dinars.


Stocks or certificates thereof shall be extracted from a coupons register and shall be serially numbered and signed by the chairman and a member of the board deputized for the purpose and stamped wi

Why Our Bank

Pioneering Entrepreneurship Since its inception, Bank of commerce and development performs with presenting banking services of distinguishable type to his honored clients and has been a pioneer in introducing the latest banking technologies to the Libyan banking market.
promptness& precision Accuracy and speed of performance The Bank's strategy is based on customer satisfaction by providing the effort, time and interest to perform all banking services at maximum speed and accuracy. The bank has since adopted the latest and best basic banking systems and support as well as the operating systems and technical equipment used in the largest and most prestigious banking institutions at the level International.
Quality & stability The Bank has been able to maintain the standard of performance despite the difficult circumstances and tragic events that the country has experienced. Despite the difficulties and challenges, the bank has always been keen to achieve the interests of its customers and provide all banking services to them.
Development & innovation the continuous development of both the existing banking services and the application of technical techniques and the latest banking systems in the world, or in the provision of unique new services unique to the bank to meet the needs of customers in different categories and in various fields.
Excellence and the bank's keenness to always excel in the services provided to its customers and provide new banking services to meet all their needs in various fields as mentioned here below:

The bank provides all basic known banking services:

 Opening accounts of all types - Public and private companies - Commercial - Saving
 Credit and banking services
 Open accounts in foreign currencies for individuals and companies
 The traveler cheques in Libyan Diners
 Transfers between branches and accounts within the bank
 External cash transfer services for non-commercial personal purposes (Western Union)
 All types of bank cards (credit cards - prepaid cards - account card)
 Swift external transfers
 The personal and individual treasuries
 Child savings accounts
 ATMs
 Legal Office Services
 POS services

The Bank also has exclusive banking services including:

 e-banking services
 Electronic cheques
 mobile banking apps
 Electronic payment services
 Top-up services
 Drive in Banking in some branches
 Interactive banking services Banking or service with touch screen at all branches and agencies
 Mobile bank cars

Mr. Gamal T.Abdulmalek

Deputy Chairman

Mr. Fathi G.Busnaina


Mr. Ali M.Elasbaly


Mr. Belhamed K.Bushnaf


Mr. Abdulati H.Abdulati


Mr. Idris I.Tashani


Mr. Fadlalla F.Fannoush


Mr. Mohamed M.Hwaidi


Mr. Moafaq M.Suliman

General Manager

Mr. Waseem Abdallah Azwaee

Assistant General Manager

Mr. Abd Elsalam S ALjaded

Account Dept Manager

Mr. Wesam Mdord

Credit Dept Manager

Mr. Tarek Mouftah ALhaddad

Auditing Dept Manager

Mr. Bashir Hweti

Cards and electronic payment Dept Manager

Mr. Sameh Gwider

Human Resource Manager

Mr. Emad Abdulhamid

Director of Administration and Serveces Department

Mr. ALi Rajab Alrateb

Deputy Director of Banking Operations

Mr. Wisam Kotrani

Deputy Director of Banking Operations for Correspondents Affairs

Mrs. Gada Elbaba

Compliance Manager

Mr. Fawzi Elhawaz

Compliance & Financial Information

Mrs. Zienab Elziani

Deputy Director of Marketing Department

Mr. Saleh r.Alshari

It Assistant Management

Mr. Karim Elashhab

Legal office

Mrs. Gada Radwan

Shareholders Unit

Mr. Ibrahim r.Elbruki

Director Of Inspection Department

Mr. Slah Salem Algmate

Risk Management

Mr. Salah Ali Alkarari

Director of Western Region Bianches

Mrs. Lila Ahmed Alfiel

Director of East Banghazi Branch

Mr. Mohamed Nser alDin Boufliga


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