Terms And Conditions

Bank of Commerce and Development, having its Headquarters located at Benghazi, Libya as a banking institution and data controller, gathers data from you "personal data" to operate effectively and efficiently and to offer you the best services. For this reason, BCD is committed to safeguarding your privacy.


What do we collect? To provide services, BCD collects and processes certain information about you. The data we gather depends on the context of your relationship with BCD and the choices you make to work with us. It is important to note that when you are asked to provide personal data, you may decline. If you decline to provide data that is necessary to carry on the service, we may not be able to deliver the service. The data we collect and process may include the following, but not limited to:

* Identification data such as your first and last name, email address, postal address, phone number, and other similar contact data, date and place of birth, gender, and country;

* Business contact information such as employer name, job function, job title, department, employer size and locations and tax residency;

* Contractual information such as any information allowing BCD to perform its contractual duties and banking services.

* Technical information about your device for security purposes such as your IP address or operating system.


How data is gathered? This Privacy Notice applies to personal data which is information that BCD gathers from you and other third parties that specifically identifies you as an individual by the following but not limited means:

* Information gathered when you browse our website;

* Information collected and processed when you conduct business with us;

* Information gathered from BCD subsidiaries, affiliates, business partners or other third-party sources where they are legally permitted to share such information with BCD; and

* Information gathered from your online application for employment.


Purposes for gathering, using and processing data

BCD uses "the personal data" for the following purposes (or as otherwise described at the point of collection) in line with the lawful basis under the GDPR:

* To provide you with the services you have requested;

* To execute a contract or agreement with you;

* To provide you with information, access to online banking or other services that you have requested from us on your behalf;

* To deal with communications/instructions sent by you to us and answering your queries, requests and complaints;


Sharing of informationآ 
BCD does not share your personal data with any third party without your prior written consent unless due to legal regulatory obligations such as AML / FATCA / CRS regulations.


How is your personal data safeguarded? BCD appreciates your trust and is committed to safeguarding your personal data. We use and maintain appropriate organizational, physical and technical security measures (encompassing personnel, facilities, hardware and software, storage and networks, access controls, monitoring and logging, vulnerability and breach detection, incident response, and others) to protect against unauthorized or accidental access, loss, alteration, disclosure or destruction of personal data. We also require our staff and any third parties who carry out any work on our behalf with appropriate compliance standards including obligations to protect and secure any personal data.

How to "Contact Us"? For questions, comments and requests regarding this Privacy Notice or your personal data, please send us an email to "info@BCD.ly" or contact the following number: 00218214447414.


Security Tips

With the following security tips from BCD, you can get the most out of your debit and credit cards/account while reducing the risks:

1. Make sure you get SMS alerts for all your debit and credit card/account transactions sent straight to your personal mobile.

2. Always keep your debit or credit card/account in view, even at restaurants. Never leave it unattended.

3. Never give your debit or credit card/account number, PIN, password, OTP to anyone. We, at BCD, will never ask you for them.

4. Immediately contact the Customer Service Centre whenever you encounter any suspicious activity. Call 00218214447414 or send an email toآ info@bcd.ly